YML Play Top Wrought Iron Parrot Cage

They say that you get what you pay for and when it comes to your pets, you simply want the best. So if I told you that this parrot cage had a retail price of around $500, you would think you were getting one heck of a terrific cage. For the most part you would be correct in that assumption. This YML cage is made of sturdy wrought iron and is incredibly heavy. Be advised, assemble it where you plan on keeping it. You can feel the quality in every inch of this cage as you assemble it. On the negative side, while the cage itself is formidable, some of the included accessories are not.

You’ll Need a Friend to Help

Before we start to discuss all of the great benefits of this cage, you need to know up front that it’s rather challenging to assemble. Due to the size and weight, you will need two people for the job. It’s also not the easiest cage to put together, since the directions that come with it are a head-scratcher. There is one page of poorly illustrated assembly instructions so there will be a few mysteries to solve as to which parts go where. It’s not daunting but it might prove just a bit frustrating.

Now About the Cage Itself

Now that you’ve got it assembled, you’ll notice how impenetrable the cage is due to its excellent construction. Though they are thin, the bars are stiff and substantial, spaced about an inch apart and unyielding to any beaks. The cage is easy to clean with removable bottom grates and trays for simple cleaning. It also features a play-top area with ladders and a perch that are as well-made as the rest of the cage and with this cage being so huge, there is plenty of room for toys and cups of food and water up there as well.

The Accessories Leave a Bit to Be Desired

While the steel cage itself is top notch, the additional accoutrements are made of plastic and might not be as long-lasting. The seed trays are thin plastic and do the trick, but the four plastic cups for food and water are just waiting to be damaged by an aggressive bird. You will want to replace them with stainles steel.

Summing Up

This is a great cage for any size parrot, featuring all of the essentials you need. At a size of 40x30x40 it’s a rather large product that will complement any home or office. The price tag is going to turn some consumers off, so if you’re looking for something a little less expensive, just visit http://www.petssensation.com/parrot-cages/.