We Have Playlists for Many Different Things

Music is something that is important to people because of the way that it makes them feel. It can calm, soothe, invigorate, or cause a feeling of nostalgia depending on the person and what songs they are listening to. It is all but impossible to find a person that says that they don’t like music and they don’t ever have the urge to listen to music. The one thing that a lot of people do these days is to create playlist for the different things that they do on a regular basis. There are a lot of different reasons and situations in which people create playlists to coincide with that time or activity they are doing.

  • There are some people who love to listen to great music while they are cleaning the house and doing their daily chores. It is never fun to clean the house and music is a great way to make it a little more enjoyable and a little bit more interesting. Many households have a new system that they installed so that they can have a great sound to the music they listen to at home. These are the kinds of playlists that include happy, upbeat songs so that it can charge their energy to help them through their house cleaning chores.
  • Many people spend a lot of time in their car for whatever reason. Some people have a long commute in order to get to work, whether it is walking or driving, and some people even work in their car. These types of people may spend hours a day riding in their car. Many times, they do not what to listen to the radio because they don’t want to have to flip through the stations to find a song they like. This leads them to create playlists to go along with these mundane times that they spend in the car. These playlists are not only filled with their favorite songs, they include the kind of songs that make them happy. These songs are the times that will remind them of a happy time in their life or of a great person that makes them smile.
  • Going out dancing is a fun activity that a large population of people love to do on a regular basis. They enjoy going to dance clubs that play their favorite type of music. They are going to go to places that are going to play a wide range of the types of music that they like. These are fun times that people spend with friends and family dancing off the stress of the world that they carry with them all the time. These may not be playlists that they created themselves, but they go to dance to the type of music that they are going to have on their playlist. Many times, the music that they hear in a club will make it onto their playlist on their phone so that they can think of a great night out whenever they hear that song.
  • Exercise is an activity that people do on a regular basis to foster a healthy body and for some it is because they genuinely enjoy working out. It is a way for them to get into great shape and to release those feel good hormones in your body. People create fun playlists to accompany these workouts all the time. Whether they are in the gym or running through the city they live in, they are usually doing it with headphones in their ears. They put on great music that is going to get their energy flowing because the music may help their workout session go on for just a little bit longer.

Music is something that is present all around us and in everything we do. Most commercials have great background music to go along with it and there is also music playing in the stores that we go shopping in. Music is all around us. Different types of music are going to elicit different reactions and thus making some music more suitable to one activity than another.