Ways to Impress Clients or Investors on The First Meeting

You know what they always say – first impressions make or break the deal. The way the client sees you dictates how he reacts to your proposition when the time comes to do business.

It is therefore just right that the first meeting with investors or prospective clients is a special one. You need to show how better you are than the rest from the word go. Let us look at some helpful tips to help you start on the best foot. They might also increase the chances of a successful business relationship.

Be On Time and Be Ready

Clients come because they need something from you. Investors, on the other hand, come so that you can convince them to put their money in your business. All these believe you have the capacity to play the role they come to fulfil – unless you convince them otherwise.

So, one of the best ways to make sure you convince them is to always be on time, regardless where you have scheduled the meeting to take place. Take time to prepare everything early including any documents that you might need before you go ahead and head to the venue.

Preparation is also about being smart. You need to portray an image that says that you are organised in all aspects of life. No one wants to do business with a shabby person.

You also need to undertake research into the resume of the prospective client before you arrive at the venue of the meeting. Find out as much as you can about what they do and what they are interested in. Look at past behaviour in terms of purchasing power and investment capability before heading out. You need also to be ready to answer questions regarding your business, its background, operations, and more.

You need to be at the meeting on time. This tells the person that you are organised and that you take the meeting with the client or investors seriously. If punctuality isn’t one of your traits, you better start working on it.

Organize the Office

If the meeting is in the boardroom, you need to make sure all the areas of the office starting from the front desk is well organised and clean. You don’t want investors to walk into an office that is full of clutter and disorganisation.

Make sure you organise your files and put all the files where they belong so that they feel right away that the office space is ready for more serious business.

The conference room should also be organised. Make sure it is big enough to handle the guests that are on the way and also ensure that you have the right kind of furniture.

Most people have basic furniture when it comes to their boardrooms. To make this work for you, work with a rental company to supply the necessary chairs for the period the investors are in town. You also need to make sure that the chairs are well arranged, and get some linen too to make the place attractive. You can get different type of linen ranging from tablecloths to napkins; all you need is the right supplier. Check out Linen Hire | Table cloth Hire | Coloured Linen Hire | Chair Cover Hire to choose what you need.

You also need to dress professionally. If the client is going to allow you to handle his millions, then it is important that you communicate to the client that his money is in good hands. Remember that a client coming to meet you for the first time is sort of interviewing you about your capability to handle his money. So, dress the way you would when looking for a job; otherwise, you will end up not getting it at all.

A Positive Attitude Does Wonders

A positive attitude can make or break the transaction you have at hand. Smile when you first meet the client and let them know that you are so happy to see them and that you are excited about the possibility of working together.

Always maintain eye contact and give a firm handshake that shows your confidence. Make sure you listen to what the client says and pay attention to all the details so that he doesn’t have to repeat everything. Create a rapport early enough and put the client at ease.

The Bottom-line

You need to get prepared early in advance when you plan to meet investors or clients that want to do business with you. Take time to get ready and have a plan so that you make sure everything goes perfectly. Organize the meeting place so that you make the client relax.