Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender Review

Say the name Vitamix and most consumers will immediately recognize it as one of the industry leaders. Synonymous with distinction, a Vitamix blender is built to endure repeated and relentless use and you will likely find one or more in the finest kitchens throughout the world. The choice of serious chefs can be yours with the Professional Series 750, the best Vitamix blender on the market right now as it offers exceptional functionality and features built to specific standards of quality. As you may have guessed, none of these wonderful things come cheap and the 750 has a price tag to match its merit.  This is for the passionate cooks only, so if you want a simple smoothie maker there’s no need to drop over $600 on this unit. The gourmands, however, are going to love everything this blender is capable of doing and then some. Don’t worry though, if you can’t drop all that dough at once, the fine folks at Vitamix are happy to offer a payment plan.

The Blender for the Big Boys and Girls

Everything about the 750 exemplifies why Vitamix is such a sought-after product but it all begins and ends with how well it actually does what it’s supposed to do – blend stuff. This one has four pre-programmed settings designed for handling everything from smoothies to ice to soups, each function set to precisely process those items for optimum texture. Of course, you can set the dial to your own specifications and increase the speed as you see fit for the items you’re working with at the time. Two switches give you start/stop and pulse capabilities separately, while the blades doing all of the work are laser-cut, stainless steel hammermill and cutting blades that measure 4 inches in diameter.

Serious Power

The 750 has it. 2.2 peak horsepower to be exact, which means this blender can slice, dice, puree, and crush just about anything you stick inside of it. Fresh, frozen, it doesn’t matter, this unit can break it down to just the way you want. But don’t worry, all of that power doesn’t mean this blender needs to be loud as it goes about its business. In fact, the motor is much quieter than you might expect due to Vitamax’s sound technology designed to make the machine work without the accompanying din that comes with most other blenders.

But How Much was that Price Tag Again?!

That’s right, this unit costs upwards of $600. You can buy it from an online retailer like Amazon or purchase it directly from Vitamix. For some buyers, that’s a pretty steep price. The idea of spending that much on a blender will appeal to a limited market, but for those who are serious enough about their culinary pursuits, the company offers a payment plan, allowing you to pay over three or five separate payments. So that should make it a bit easier on the wallet. But that money will be well spent, as the 750 comes with a seven year full warranty covering everything related to the blender, including parts, labor, performance, and shipping. The argument could certainly be made that this will be the very last blender you’ll ever need to buy.

Summing Up

With its stainless steel blades and housing, BPA-free plastic low profile 64 ounce jar, and enough power to mix everything from soup to pizza dough, this is a blender that offers a lot of fantastic features but it definitely falls out of many consumer’s budgets. Not everyone needs a blender that’s able to do everything that this one can, but when you’re looking for the best Vitamix product available, you want the Professional Series 750.