Vilano Aluminium Road Bike Review

Working out in the gym is an acquired taste, and it is not the perfect place for everyone. There are an awful lot of people who are looking for a way to exercise without the pressures that come with the gym, and one of the best ways to do this is through cycling. Cycling is a type of exercise which works out your whole body, gets your heart racing, and even helps to tone muscle at an astonishing rate. If you have ever taken a look at the Olympic cyclists then you will get a good idea of what I mean here! The other good thing about cycling is the fact that it is incredibly simple to do. All you need is a bike, your legs, and some willpower and you are away! The only thing you are missing is the perfect bike, and that is the reason why today we are going to look at the Vilano Aluminium road bike.

Tell me about the features it has

A lot needs to go into a bike to ensure that it is comfortable enough to ride on a regular basis, and looking at the list of features with the Vilano it may just have managed this. It has incorporated Shimano STI Integrated brake levers and shifters into its design, and these offer precise controlled braking and shifting in one small and conveniently places unit making it perfect for road cycling. The frame of the bike is made of a 6061 double butted aluminium aero frame with integrated headset, and the wheelset is 700c double walled so you know you are looking at a good piece of kit.

What are the positive points?

This is an entry level bike but it has so many good points that you may begin to think otherwise. Set up does not take long at all, and the average person can put this bike together in around 30 minutes. The Shimano parts are another big plus as they are one of the most well respected parts manufacturers in the market today, and overall this is a very well put together bike.

What are the negative points?

Whilst there is a lot that is good about the Vilano, there are a couple of points that bring it back down to earth with an albeit small bump. Some previous customers have said that the build quality on the bike is not as high as it is on some others, but this more than likely due to the fact that it is a more basic, entry level bike. The other point is that a couple of the parts are stiff to begin with, and this poses a challenge for the first couple of rides.


Overall, this is not a bad bike. It is quite unlikely to win any awards, but if you are looking for a solid bike to help you get in to cycling as a sport, then the Vilano is well worth considering. It is not fancy and as flash as some others, but it will certainly do the job and if you want to compare it to some other bikes why not pay a visit to Cycling Plaza.