Ultimate Dreams 7 Inch Tri Zone Mattress

The Tri Zone Mattress (twin) is a ‘memory foam’ (not really) mattress that is well designed for bunk beds or twin frames. The core of the mattress is firm, and it’s supposed to contour the body which relieves pressure points. The mattress is USA made, and the dimensions are 74x38x7. The mattress itself weighs only 23 pounds, and it’s easy to maneuver up stairs or wherever you’re moving it. It’s a good, comfortable mattress for kids and teens, but it’s not a good mattress for grown adults to use every night.

What’s It Really Made Of?

Many companies tout their ‘memory foam,’ however memory foam isn’t really what they are selling. This mattress says it’s made of memory foam, but if you read the fine print, it’s actually called ‘Certi-Pur Foam.’ When doing a bit of research, we find that ‘Certi-Pur foam’ is actually an environmentally friendly foam made here in the United States. Actually- it’s simply foam that passes the ‘Certi-Pur Foam’ standards. It’s not memory foam- but it’s pretty much any old foam with the following qualifications:

Must be made without:

-ozone depleters

-PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP flame retardants

-mercury, lead, other heavy metals



-Low VOS emissions for indoor air quality

All of the above is nice, but it doesn’t mean that the mattress is memory foam. Actual memory foam is mady of polyurethane and other chemicals that increase the density of the foams. The higher the density of the foam, the more it softens when met with body heat. Memory foam molds to a warm body in minutes. By definition, ‘Certi-Pur’ cannot be considered memory foam.


-Extremely cost effective

-Good mattress for kids and smaller adults

-Very comfortable, won’t get too hot like real memory foam can

-Environmentally friendly and safe **Huge for kids and people with allergies

-Light weight, easy to move, easy to flip

-Great for a guest or a bed placed in a guest room

-The mattress has a good quality quilted ‘topper’

-No chemical smell like real memory foam can have for days or weeks due to the Certi-Pur certification


-Not real memory foam, so don’t expect real memory foam performance

-Not made for heavier people. Heavier people (heavier than 150 pounds), will find that the mattress sags in no time (a couple of months)

-Foam is not even in the mattress

The Bottom Line on This Mattress

Real memory foam is expensive. This mattress is not expensive, and it’s not real memory foam. The good thing is that you can rest assured knowing that you are not being exposed to harmful toxins. Memory foam normally has a high amount of toxins, but this mattress is toxin free. That’s a very nice thing, especially for people who are sensitive to heavy metals and toxins. This isn’t going to be the mattress you buy for a ‘good bed’ that will last years. This is a decent mattress to throw on the top and bottom bunk, or on a twin frame. The kids will find it extremely comfortable and the guests will get a good night sleep. However, this mattress isn’t designed to be a long lasting mattress on a bed that adults will sleep on each night. It’s a cost effective mattress with that’s very comfortable and nice, and it’s a good choice if you use it for what it’s meant. If you want the best memory foam mattress of the year this is not the right choice but follow our link and it will lead you there!