True Induction S2F3 Counter Induction Cooktop Review

Cooking has recently become a huge market and a really big deal in countries all around the world. Whereas before it was seen as a chore or a demanding task that had to be completed rather than someone wanting to actually do it, it has now become a fun pastime for many. As cooking has grown in popularity, the technology which accompanies it has changed and adapted too, and that is what has led us to the induction cooker. The induction cooker we will be looking at today is the True Induction S2F3, and we want to see exactly what it can do for you!

So tell me what features it has?

In case you did not already know, induction cooking does not produce a flame or use any of the normal methods you would associate with an oven. The True Induction works by utilizing magnetic based technology that generates heat via a magnetic circuit. This will then cause the pot or pan you are using to heat up, and as a result you can cook your food in the safest way possible! This means that the True Induction can cook your food quicker and in a much more energy efficient way.

Tell me a little more about the positive points

One of the most impressive things about this induction cooker in particular is its ability to use power sharing technology. This means that if you are using only one of the four rings, it will receive all of the 1,800 watts of power available. Then, if you turn on a second ring, the system automatically rebalances the power between the two burners depending on the heat setting. This will save you a lot of energy and therefore money in the long run. Another good point about this machine is that it is not attached to an oven. This means that you can install is anywhere in your kitchen and really open up the space.

And the negative points too

Whilst induction cooking is a very new and exciting tool, it is still a growing and changing technology. This means that it is not perfect yet and some users may take some time to adapt to this different method of cooking. A second negative point is that you need to ensure that you have the right pots and pans when using this machine. If you cannot get a magnet to stick to the bottom of the pan then it will not work on this induction cooker! Why not pop over here to take a look at some other induction ovens?

What’s the Conclusion?

Induction cooking is something that is here to stay. It is an incredibly energy efficient method of cooking, and once you get used to the way it works you will immediately start to see its benefits. The True Induction is a very intuitive machine, and if you are looking for a more energy efficient way of making your meals and saving on the bills, then this could be the one for you!