Tricks to Become an Instagram Influencer

Instagram has taken modelling to a whole new level. A few years ago, models had little or no power and were fully at the mercy of modelling agencies that did everything for them. Instagram has changed this, and now models have found their voice.  With a few strategies, models can now grow their following on Instagram in a short time, giving them a huge advantage in the industry.

Millions of Views

Models are raking in millions of views by simply posting a short video showing a scene or an image of them strutting the runway. These views attract more followers, making the models the best influencers on Instagram so far. As a model, you can now make money on Instagram without the need to go through modelling agencies.

There are several strategies to attract more people to your page.

Ask Questions

To become an influencer, your posts need to show at the top of your followers’ feeds. Instagram uses an algorithm that places your posts at the top of followers who you engage with frequently. Asking questions and receiving answers from your followers places you at the top of their newsfeed. This means that your posts get featured first every time.

Asking simple questions generates direct messages as well, which in turn boosts the long-term organic reach that you look seek.

Boost Your Engagement Ratio

For your posts to go viral, the quality has to be high. The quality of a post is determined by the Instagram algorithm by considering aspects such as the engagement ratio.

The engagement ratio relates to the number of people that see the post and then went ahead to engage with it. The algorithm then compares the total reach of the post to the total engagement it receives. The result is what determines the quality of the post.

To get a higher quality, you need to boost the level of your engagement. One tool that can help you do this is SNSGrowth. This tool generates engagement for you, especially followers. Visit The Small Business Blog to read more about the automation tool, especially its pros and cons.

Re-engage to Build Loyalty

Many models focus on getting as many followers as possible and forget one thing – loss of followers. Becoming an influencer on Instagram isn’t all about growing your account as fast as possible, but more about maintaining an engaged following. Once you get a follower, you shouldn’t just ignore him and move on to the next one, you must take necessary steps to retain him as a follower for longer.

To do this, you need to keep interacting with your followers. Check out the comments left behind by the followers and reply to the comment depending on what they have said. You can identify a few active fans and engage them on a higher level just to make them more loyal.

The Lowdown

Instagram provides a host of opportunities for you to make money as a model. It is not all about posting an image and waiting for the comments to flow in – you need to put in some work to get the best out of your Instagram efforts.