Tips to Keep Your Spine Healthy to Prevent Back Pain

A healthy spine translates into a pain-free life, especially if you are working. Back pain affects millions of people, and it can diminish the quality of your life, leading to missed work and failure to enjoy the social activities that you are used to. Accomplishing simple, everyday tasks becomes an issue.

Taking care of your spine – the back and the neck – helps you avoid issues with your back, and lowers the chances of experiencing back pain later on.

Most of the steps you need to take to improve the overall health of your spine involve nothing more than practicing better mechanics, how you handle the body when performing daily tasks.

So, how can you take care of your spine when you are at the office?

Lift Right

It is easy to twist the wrong way and injure the spine if you don’t use the proper form when lifting an object. Make sure you use the correct lifting procedure when lifting the object, especially when it is heavy.

Stand close to the object and use the legs and knees as opposed to the back or upper body to pull the item up. Keep the head down and maintain a straight back. If the item is too heavy, don’t attempt to lift it on your own, get some assistance.

Sleep Well

Adequate sleep is vital to your health. The body needs several hours of sleep to repair any issues that have cropped up during the day. When sleeping, sleep on the side and not on the stomach. Sleeping on the stomach puts too much weight on the spine.

Sleeping on the side also prevents the upper airway from collapsing, which helps prevent sleep apnea, giving you a better night’s sleep.

To sleep better, invest in a supportive mattress as well as a cervical pillow that promotes the proper alignment of the neck. Remember that as you sleep you wear out the mattress, so it is vital that you turn it over frequently to make sure it wears out evenly.

Stretch It Out

You need to stretch the body time and again to relieve the tension that builds up in the muscles whenever you sit or stand for a long time. Keeping the joints and muscles in the neck flexible helps to maintain the normal function of the joints gives you proper range of motion. It also reduces the risk of injury.

If you begin the day with a few good stretches, and then make sure you take regular breaks to stretch the neck and the back, you promote the health of your spine.

Be Active

You are more likely to experience low back pain if you aren’t physically fit. Walking around the office, taking the stairs instead of the lift and other exercises, keeping the body moving is one of the ways to maintain a healthy spine. One of the best exercises for your spine is the one that combines stretches, strength exercises, and aerobics.

Maintain Proper Body Weight

Staying active, along with a healthy diet helps you lose some weight or maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight puts a lot of pressure on your spine, which can lead to low back pain.

When all fails, you need to treat the symptoms of the pain as well. One of the supplements recommended by Free Your Spine is CBD oil, which helps relieve the pain. Make sure you know what you need and choose the right one.

The Conclusion

It takes more than sitting right to promote the health of your spine. You need to stretch it, have enough rest and stay active to keep the spine healthy at all times.