The Ultimate Review: Babyboo Deluxe Doll Pram

I don’t think I’ve ever had the option to make use of a stroller this extravagant, because there is a lot of “style” to take into account here. In all honesty, I would say that this is one of the best standard baby strollers on the market today – why else would I be trying to review it so diligently? I’m not a specialist by any means, I was just looking for a stroller in order to keep my son happy for the past couple of weeks; after I found the right one, I realized just how hard it was for me to do so. I wouldn’t dream of getting my son a makeshift stroller, I want him to be comfortable while we’re out and about doing errands. If you’ve been looking for a stroller that both you and your child can love, this might be exactly what you’ve been hoping for.

What It Has to Offer

The handle of this stroller can be adjusted to pertain to your height, so if you’re a little tall, you can adjust the handle and allow yourself to be comfortable. Your comfort can be just as important as your child’s at times, as you’re doing all of the hard work! The materials used in this stroller are of the highest quality, and it can fit up to an 18” doll (so your child is always going to be entertained!). It’s been safety tested and is certified to be free of LED’s – you can even adjust the set up so that either the dolls are facing either your children or the street.

Positive Traits

This doll pram allows your kids to be constantly looking at their dolls, which is relatively soothing (to say the least). I know my daughter loves it when she can see her dolls while we’re running errands, and it makes the process a much smoother one. 18” is a decently sized doll, and since it’s made up of the highest quality materials around, I don’t need to worry about it breaking down on me within a small time-frame.

Negative Traits

I had a problem with the wheels themselves, as they felt very flimsy and like they wouldn’t stick around for a long time. All of the fabrics and such incorporated within this stroller are of the highest quality, but I don’t think the same can be said about the wheels.

Should You Love It?

I would say so, but there’s also going to be the entire “personal preference” aspect to look at. I loved it, even though the wheels were a little lacking, and that should be saying a lot about the product itself – don’t judge a book by its cover (or just by one negative trait).




It’s up to you whether you decide to make use of this stroller or not, but I would definitely say that it’s got a reasonable amount of positive traits to enjoy.