The Benefits of a Portable Power Bank

If you have a tablet like an iPad, the battery life of around 10 hours sounds extremely generous. There is no way you are going to be on your iPad for more than 10 hours right? Wrong. Plus you also have your smartphone that needs charging. It seems that portable power banks are now an essential part of modern life. But do you really need one and what are their benefits?

A portable power bank is just a rechargeable battery in a fancy case. It has the ability to charge other devices by using different charging cables. When they were new on the market they were pretty expensive, but now they are much more affordable. However, you need to be careful what you buy as not all models are created equal. This is definitely something that you should review before you buy. If you want to check out the best models, then iThingum is an essential site to visit for reviews and buying information. But why is a portable power bank such a must have gadget these days?


It is astonishing how small some portable power banks actually are. You can even buy ones that are the size of a lipstick. There is no excuse for not sticking one in your bag. Clearly size isn’t everything and they need to have sufficient charging capability, but you can still get a great charge from a small battery. Many of them can fit in your pocket so you can always have one when you are out and about. Just make sure you check that it can charge what you need it to charge before you buy.


If you have a daily train or bus journey then your charging options are fairly limited. There are some bus and train companies now that have plug sockets to allow you to charge on the go but these are not available everywhere. With a portable power bank you will always have power to hand. As we have already mentioned, they are light and easy to carry around so you should never run out of battery on your commute.


If you travel at all, this is probably the number one reason to buy a portable power bank. When you travel you probably take 2 or 3 electronic gadgets with you as a minimum. No more waiting around the airport for hours with nothing to do. You can always have your devices charged even without access to a power point. Most portable power banks can be taken on planes but be sure to check your model with the airline’s website first.


Just because you want to escape to the great outdoors, doesn’t mean you want to lose touch with your digital reality. Whether it is taking photos, listening to music or just reading eBooks you will probably need power. You can buy a rugged or water proof power bank that will thrive in your wilderness activities. Combine it with a solar charger and you can be environmentally friendly too.


Festival season is a must have reason for buying a portable power pack. Not only for the photos and videos you have to take, but also for entertaining yourself when the bands aren’t playing. It also means your phone will always be fully charged so you should never lose your family or friends. Again, pair this with a solar charger for ultimate charging ability.

No Charger

I have lost count of the number of times I have gone into the office only to find I have left my charger at home. Thankfully, this is not as much of a drama as it used to be with a portable battery to hand.

Multiple Chargers

When you are out and about you can quite often have phone, laptop, and eBook reader at the very least. With a portable power bank you no longer have to carry 3 different chargers around with you.

It can be frustrating when your battery dies at the worst possible minute. There is also a safety aspect now that we are so reliant on our mobile phones. Portable power banks are useful to have for a number of reasons. Keep yourself connected and buy a portable power pack. Once you do, you will wonder how you lived without it.