Sony MDRZX100 ZX Series Headphones Review

What makes a good set of headphones? Do you want them to filter out all external noise? Or do you want to be able to follow what people are saying to you while you wear them? What should the sound they carry sound like? Do you prefer them to be around your ears, on your ears or in your ears? These are all important questions we need to ask ourselves before going out and purchasing a new set of headphones. I’d like you to keep these questions in mind as we take a look at Sony’s ZX100 Headphones.

What features do they have?

These headphones have 30mm multi-layer diaphragms to help create a powerful sound in addition to having high energy drivers to boost the bass and treble. They have a lightweight design and are fitted with pressure relieving earpads. The cord is a y-type which is designed to reduce entanglements. These headphones measure 9.6 x 7.8 x 1.8 inches and weigh 4.2 ounces.

What’s the quality like?

The sound quality of these headphones is very high, especially in the respect that they filter out background, non-target noises in a similar fashion to studio headphones. If you are listening out for something external, you’ll most likely hear it, whereas if you are focused on your audio, those external sounds become blotted out.

What (other) good points are there?

They are super-comfortable and just sit on your ears without threatening to fall off constantly, or crushing your earlobes and leaving red marks as some other headphones can do. The bass is well-rounded as part of a balanced audio picture. The treble and mid-tones are separate and don’t sound tinny at all. These headphones deliver surround sound right into your brain, allowing you to pick out aspects of music that previously went unnoticed due to your inferior headphones.

Are there any bad points?

The design doesn’t look all that strong and I’m afraid of accidentally sitting on them and destroying the headphones forever. Make sure to take care of your headphones! Also the wiring is quite heavy, which can be annoying. And there doesn’t appear to be any way to visually tell the left from the right speaker. So you might want to get a stereo audio test recording for left and right speakers to check that you’ve got them the right way round.


All in all, they are comfortable and they don’t disappoint in the sound department. The design looks nice also they might be a bit flimsy. I think once you’ve got used to wearing your new headphones and managed to figure out which speaker is which, you’ll take them for granted and wear them as often as you can. Just be careful not to sit on them!

Customers who bought these headphones rate them (at the time of writing) with a score of 4.2 out of a possible total of 5 stars. Hopefully this review has brought you one step closer to being able to settle on the right set of headphones for yourself. Check them out along with other goods – electronic keyboards – guitars – synthesizers at!