Signs Your Website Needs Re-design

Many companies are facing problems with their websites, but they don’t know yet. All they feel is that their products aren’t as appealing as they ought to be, which is a misnomer. One of the things that they overlook is the design of the website. Today we look at the various signs that tell you that your website needs some redesign.

The Design is Poor

If your website looks like it was designed decades ago, then you need to revamp it. Remember that the web design trends have changed over time, and you need to keep up with the changes to survive in such a volatile market. If the site was designed a long time ago, then it is most likely that it doesn’t live up to the current design and performance standards.

A long time ago, the aim was all about getting online and establishing a web presence. Times have changed, and now you have to do more than that.

Lack of an Update

If the web designer that worked on the website was someone close to you and he is not around anymore to upgrade your website to current standards, you need to re-design it. Take time to understand what you need and then find a way to add the design elements you need to update the website.

Images are not Effective

If the images and videos you used to design the website are not working as intended, then you need to redesign the website. One of the best ways to keep your website current is to make sure you keep the content up to date. Take time and find images that are relevant to your niche and incorporate them into your web design. The images and videos need to communicate something to the visitors and give them a reason to go to other parts of the website.

To make use of images, you can open an Instagram account and link it to your landing page. Customers are now more visually-inclined, which means that you stand a big chance of getting the reaction you need from them when you use the right images.

No Analytics

If you have no way of knowing the number of visitors that have come to your site, then you need to upgrade your site to a current design. One of the ways to know that your site isn’t up to date is when you don’t have a way to know what your visitors want regarding services.

This is where the analytics come in. You need a website that allows you to check out various statistics ranging from the number of visitors to the top pages that are visited upon each visit.

It Looks Great on Old Monitors

If you realize that your website looks great only on old monitors, then you are in big trouble. If your website breaks down when you load it on the new computers or devices, then you need to plan for a redesign. You might notice that the site doesn’t load fully on new devices such as tablets. The website also becomes destroyed when you load it on a mobile device.

Users Don’t Know Where to Go

If your visitors don’t know where to go once the website loads, then you are working with a site that doesn’t give you what you want. Navigation needs to be easy and intuitive, giving users the right direction without the need for a user manual.

You can only get the navigation that is right for you if you choose a professional web design template. You can get one from that comes complete with proper navigation, which reduces the stress of coming up with the menus afresh.

Takes Forever to Load

If your website was designed ages ago, it might take a long time to load up. This might be due to the huge number of images on the site or animations that are used. When this is the case, you need to optimize your website to make it work best for you.


Web technology has changed over the years, and you need to keep up with the trend. When it comes to your website, you need to make sure it is trendy and works perfectly.