Shop Fox W1819 Review

Without the right table saw, you’re going to find handling your construction problems will be ten times harder to work with. I know there’s always going to be a certain line that needs to be found, but when it comes to power tools and such, you shouldn’t be trying to cut any corners. When you do something like that, it’s going to lead towards a lot more problems in the future. Without the right tools, you won’t be able to properly handle your projects needs – and that isn’t exactly something you want to be doing (now is it?). Whatever you need a table saw for doesn’t matter, all that matters is you go about getting one of the more reasonable options around.

Professional contractors will see a real need for something like this, especially since the Shop Fox W1819 is a hybrid saw that’s going to put you in the right frame of mind while working. Professional contractors need the best tools that money can buy, but in some cases, you’ve got to be conscious about your budget. We’re going to look at some of the features in regards to this saw today, and hopefully you can be incredibly aware of the knowledge I’m sharing. Use it to your advantage, trust me!

Features of the Saw

This is a saw that takes safety into account on a serious note, because who wants to get injured while they’re at work? There’s a guard in place that’s made up of poly-carbonate material. It provides protection without giving up visibility, because it’s transparent and allows you to see through it easily. There are anti-kickback pawls introduced into the fold, as nobody wants to deal with a kickback while they’re working. The miter fence is incredibly well put together as well!

Breaking It Down


This is a very high quality table saw, and the fact that it’s a hybrid variety is another neat touch. It’s not the most heavy duty one around, and will give you much more flexibility to work with – that doesn’t mean it’s going to be completely hitting on every single mark, but there’s a good chance! The blade guard is incredibly safe, and the spreader helps deal with kickback as well.


Since it isn’t the most heavy duty saw around, those that need it for commercial requirements might have a tough time trying to go about using this product. If you need to tackle jobs that are rather large every single day, this might not be the option for you.


All in all this is a table saw that should get the job done for most people, even if their needs happen to extend above and beyond the most common ones. You won’t have to worry about kickbacks putting you in danger, and the miter fence is another sweet addition that’s very accurate. The riving knife is also used for the anti-kickback protocol, so there’s really no risk being implemented at all. It’s widely believed that this is one of the better options to pick.