Remington RM3100 Push Mower Review

Having a powerful lawn mower is not ideal for a small yard. Yards that have varying ornaments and trees in them might damage the zero turn that you’ve been wanting for years. Instead of spending all of that money on a zero turn, consider something more adequate for the amount of yard space that you are tending to. The oldest type of push mower, was one without an engine. This was used by everyone and easy to use because all it took was a little bit of ump, and some steady walking.

Details and Description

Some mowers are better off simple, such as the RM3100 by Remington. It is a simple push mower that does not have an engine or any type of electrical motivation. It is considered to be environmental friendly and easy to use. The 18 inches between the front wheels is the average strip cut. For light duty or medium yards, this is a great mower. There is a mulching ability that helps to store shavings as you mow your lawn. They can be easily dumped out after detaching the cloth bin. Another feature that the RM3100 has to offer is the ability to adjust the height of the blades, so you can control how low it cuts your grass.

The Pros

There are people who prefer to spend thousands of dollars on lawn mowers to help maintain their yard. However, these mowers are harder to maintain than the manual push mowers. A clean wipe down, and blade sharpening every year is all that is needed to maintain a push mower. Consumers are finding the RM3100 easy to put together and even easier to operate. The taller the grass, the more you will have to push, but even then it’s not as challenging as going up a heal with a gas powered mower. This mower has received glowing reviews due to its simplicity and ease of use.

The Cons

The continuous problems of receiving a product and it being defective is experienced by consumers when purchasing this mower. Some consumers have reported that after setting it up and using it for a few passes, the blades become immobile due to a small dent from even the tiniest pebble or stick. Others who have purchased and used this mower claim that it cannot be used on lawns that are not flat and already well maintained. If there are any rocks, sticks, or stumps, chances are this mower is not going to cut it.

The Conclusion

There are thousands of options for lawn mowers including manual, riding, push electric, and gas powered mowers. However, not all of these are ideal for certain locations. There is a broad collection of mowers that can tough it out through hard terrain but a manual push mower would not fit into that category. Manual push mowers are easy to use on a flat, level ground and can come in handy when you’re in an apartment complex, or somewhere crowded where you have little room to store yard tools and an even smaller yard.