Reasons Why We Love Minivans

Families with more than six children often envy the ease of travel that is enjoyed by parents with four kids or less. This is because a getting a car with enough seats isn’t a big deal for these parents. On the other hand, the families that travel in groups of 6 or more find it tough. For instance, when going for a family vacation in a group of 8 can be such a hassle. Let us look at what you have at your disposal in such a situation.

Looking at these family-centered vehicles, we need to understand some of the top features that make them ideal for large families. Let us look at the various features that make us love these vehicles.

Extra Storage

A large family comes with baggage attached. When looking for the best vehicle for your large family, you need to have some extra space to hold the items. These vans come with in-floor storage to give you extra space for toys and other items. This storage space saves you from having toys and other small items getting strewn across the floor of the van. The storage space also frees up much-needed floor space and makes it safe for you to drive.

If you need more space, you can detach the third-row seats and keep them in the garage for later use. You can choose a van that allows you to fold the seats into the floor, giving you a flat storage surface. This makes the van a multipurpose vehicle for your family.

Wheelchair Ready

These minivans are superb for families that have a member who uses a wheelchair. The floor can be lowered and the wheelchair secured for easier transport. The space provided allows you to lock the wheelchair down, preventing it from rolling in case of emergency stops.

Different Entrance Options

You have the option of choosing a single or double sliding door van. If you have kids that you need to monitor, the single sliding door is ideal for this purpose. On the other hand, if you travel as a group of adults, you might opt for a sliding door on each side of the van to make it easy for them to enter or exit the car. The double doors also make it easy for you to load the van in case you are transporting cargo.

Superb Safety Features

Being a family vehicle, each van has undergone extensive crash tests to make sure your family is safe. They are also wide and stable even when driving at high speeds making it easy to maneuver and stop in cases of emergencies.

Ideal for Your Budget

The amount you fork out for the minivan will depend on various factors. One of the best ways to get an affordable one is to go for a used minivan for sale. They go at a lower price as compared to new vans.

The first factor that will determine the price will be the age of the van as compared to the mileage. Additionally, the cost will depend on the condition of the vehicle.

Another major factor that affects the price is the accessories that have been installed in the van. The more the accessories, the more you have to pay. The good thing is that you can have some of the accessories removed to lower the price.

Nevertheless, always go for a van that suits your budget. Additionally, always leave some little cash for repairs.


Having a large family is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because of the company and the fun you enjoy as one unit. However, you need more resources to stay comfortable. One such resource is the mode of transportation available for you. What you need is a large vehicle that can hold the whole group and still have room for a wheelchair and your luggage. Minivans are ideal for medium-sized families. If you are an extra-big family, you can opt for minibuses.