Planning the Perfect Church Wedding

A church wedding remains the most preferred location for couples seeking to exchange marriage vows. As simple and as direct as it seems, planning a church wedding isn’t a walk in the park, it might flop due to a number of reasons. Let us look at some tips you can use to make your church wedding a perfect one.

Have a Checklist

You need to have a checklist of what you will need for the ceremony. The checklist depends on your budget. Most times, you have a wedding planner who handles the checklist for you, but it wouldn’t hurt to confirm the progress of the wedding preparations once in a while.

Make sure the wedding planner is a trusted person who has experience organizing weddings. Experience is paramount because this is one of the most important days of your life and it has to be successful to leave a mark.

Opt for Your Home Church

The first venue a bride will think of is the home church. This reduces the cost of transport for the bridal party. However, make sure the sanctuary has enough space to accommodate all the guests. If this isn’t the case, then you have to go for a guest church.

Understand the Season

One of the biggest mistakes couples make is ignoring the prevailing season and the ramifications it brings. For instance, if you plan to hold a church wedding during the summer, it would be advisable to make sure the church has a working air conditioner. This is because the more the number of people sitting within the confined space, the higher the temperatures will rise. If it is a winter wedding, make sure the heating system is working properly prior to the D-day.

Get Access

You need to confirm in advance the availability of the venue and whether your decorating party will have access to the venue a day before the big day. Know what time they can start and understand how much time the decorators have before the church closes for the evening. The time availed to the decorators ought to be enough for proper decoration, because decorating the church in a rush might lead to a wedding décor that goes astray.

Never decorate the venue on the same day as the wedding. Doing this doesn’t give you time to react to the unexpected. Apart from this, if the decorators are also invited guests, they end up physically and mentally tired from all the hustle of putting up the décor.

Have a Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding rehearsals are amust for a successful wedding ceremony. The last thing you want to see is a group of confused people who don’t know the steps of the wedding march. It is important the each individual of the wedding party knows exactly when, where and how to stand during the ceremony at all times.

Traditionally, couples do the rehearsals a day before the ceremony. If this isn’t possible, you can schedule this for another date. Whatever the case, always schedule for a wedding rehearsal.

Pick the Right Music

Selecting the right kind of music for the ceremony is important because it creates the perfect atmosphere that will create lasting memories for you and your spouse, your family, friends and colleagues long after the wedding is over.

Before you can proceed to any other aspect of entertainment, make sure you set a reasonable budget for the music and the musicians.

After having a budget, you need to choose the most appropriate songs to play at the ceremony. You need to know that most churches are very particular when it comes to secular vs non-secular music. Generally, the church won’t be comfortable if you play secular music in the church. To avoid any rejection, consult with the church officials to know the standards when it comes to the acceptable kind of music.

After you select the music you wish to feature in the wedding, the next step is to find the right musician. You might have great music only for the musician to ruin everything. Try and communicate your music preferences to the musician immediately you hire them. Important events such as weddings need you to be particular when it comes to choosing a musician. To allay your worries, start your search for the perfect musician at

Make Proper Seating Arrangements

The church wedding will be successful depending on the seating arrangement. The ushers need to understand their role and execute it flawlessly. Usually, the arrangement usually places the family of the bride on one side and the family of the groom on the other. However, you need to make sure that warring parts of the visitors don’t seat in the same row.

Know When to Call for Help

You don’t have to shoulder all the problems that arise during the wedding preparation. Make sure you have the names and phone numbers of at least one church official who can solve the problems you might run into. Their phones should be on throughout the ceremony.


Planning a church wedding, just like any other type of wedding, isn’t an easy task to execute. You need to work with a wedding planner who knows the ropes, and make sure you have everything ready, especially the venue. Don’t forget about the music, because it helps determine the overall mood of the wedding. Make sure your decorators have access to the venue, if possible a day before the wedding.