Owning an Electric Blanket Responsibly

Electric blankets make for a way to save money, especially on energy costs. They make it easier to keep warm and comfortable without the need to heat the entire home. However, these blankets come with a few risks, especially if you don’t know what to do when you have one.

One of the top issues is electric blanket safety, especially looking at the various house fires and severe burns that they cause each year. The good thing is that these tragedies are avoidable. Here are several ways to own an electric blanket responsibly.

How to Use the Blanket Safely

The best way to reduce electric blanket fire is to make sure you don’t keep it on the whole night. The electric blanket is only meant to keep the bed warm before you get in. If you leave it on overnight, you run the risk of overheating the components, which in turn leads to high risk of fire. Overheating occurs especially when you pile other blankets on top of the electric blanket.

You should also avoid sleeping on top of the blanket when it is running, as this also leads to overheating. While in use, you should also avoid bunching them up as this makes them overheat.

Many buyers believe that a new electric blanket cannot overheat, but this isn’t the case. Before you go ahead and use a new blanket, lay it out and then allow it to heat up slowly. Check the whole blanket for any hot spots to make sure there is no risk of overheating.

The electric blanket shouldn’t be coupled with a waterbed. This is for obvious reasons because the waterbed might leak and lead to an electrical accident. When cleaning the blanket, avoid putting it in the washer. As much as most of the manufacturers state that this is safe, the washing machine increases the risk of damage to the electric system.


For long life and better use, you need to know how to store the blankets. First, you should never fold the blankets when storing them as this increases the risk of damage to the electrical connections. Instead, try and roll or hang the blanket when it is not in use.

If the blanket has been locked away for a long time, you need to check it over before you can use it. Before you take it out, take time to check whether there are any recalls on the blanket. Remember that due to various faults thousands of blankets get recalled by the government each year, so it is better to know the ones that have been recalled before you do anything else.

Proper Storage also requires that you store the blanket in a dry area that is free from moisture. You should also take care not to store the blanket in an area where you will be forced to pile other items on top because this might fold the wires and spoil the connections.

Know When to Replace

You need to know when to replace the electric blanket. You will realize that the blanket needs replacement due to the age and appearance of the blanket as a whole. Look for visible wires, even if they still appear to work. Additionally, any blanket that has been with you for ten years or more warrants replacement no matter the way it looks or works.

With age, the electrical wiring tends to become loose or old. When this happens, you are at high risk of accidents or the blanket might not work properly.

Additionally, if you discover that the blanket is not working the way it should, then it is time to replace it. If it also overheats faster than it should, take time to get a new one as a replacement. Some blankets come with a warranty, and if you discover that it is having issues early in its use, then go and replace it from the seller. However, learn how to take care of the blanket from https://warmelectric.com/care-for-your-electric-blanket/.

Final Words

It takes more than just getting an electric blanket to enjoy the warmth you need. The proper use dictates that you check for faults before you make use of the blanket. Proper use is one of the most important home fire safety prevention strategies.