Methods to maximize your content and grow your Instagram account

By focusing your efforts on creating high – quality content, writing engaging captions and using hashtags relevant to your target audience you will be on the right path to running a successful marketing account on Instagram.

Do not forget to engage with your followers and targeted users:

On Instagram engagement with your audience is critical if you are to develop your account. An account can actually stagnate and decrease in followers due to lack of engagement.

The ‘follow, like, comment’ is the best engagement strategy to use to grow your account and gain more followers. The idea is to follow accounts that are similar to yours or that may follow other accounts relevant you yours. You can like their content and comment on their posts. The idea is that they would comment back, check out your account and follow you back. This method is effective, however, it is very time consuming and there is no guarantee that targeted users will follow you back. You can use tools to help you do this.

Instagram bots can be used to help manage and grow your account:

Instagram Bots are an effective tool that can be utilized to grow your audience and gain more followers. It will perform the 3 most common actions users do on a daily basis, such as following, liking and commenting other accounts. If doing this manually for marketing purposes it can be quite time-consuming. The benefit of using a Bot is that this tool can use the same approach but on autopilot. It will not just target random accounts, it will target users by hashtags relevant to your target audience. Therefore, the Bot will do the hard work for you.

Instagram is targeting Bots:

While there are many positive effects of using a Bot. Instagram does not agree with the use of Bots. Using these automated services violates the platform’s terms of use. Therefore there are repercussions for this offense which can result in your account getting banned.

This has led to a major dispute resulting in a crackdown on Instagram and many Bots being shut down. This has left many businesses as well as personal users wondering whether they should invest in a Bot again believing that finding a safe and reliable Bot is very difficult. There is a safer option.

Use an organic service:

Another option is to use an organic growth service instead of an automated one. There are plenty of services available that work similar to Bots. However, the work is done manually by real people who are experienced Instagram managers. This service is viewed as organic and doesn’t violate Instagrams terms of use.

Organic growth services and automated Bots are the 2 main options for outsourcing your marketing on Instagram. Organic growth services such as Social Envy are viewed safer as they are operated manually by real experience people Fred Harrington has lots more information about these options and the best Bots currently on the market.