Instagram Automation – A Must or a Luxury?

One thing is fact, there’s an awful lot of competition on Instagram and beating your peers is becoming harder by the day. Based on that some will think that automating your Instagram account is an absolute must but is it really?

Personally, I don’t think tools are necessary and that you can still grow your account in a natural way because in the end it all comes down to the type of content you post. The higher the quality of your content, the more people are willing to share it, and the more followers you will gain. It’s a very natural occurrence and the most popular Instagrammers haven’t used any bots at all.

If you don’t know where to get started I made a quick list of methods for you to gain more followers so bear with me:

1: Behind the scenes – Don’t underestimate or over think what your followers want to see, everyone loves to take a peak behind the curtain so this can get you way more shares then you initially expected.

2: Personal stuff – People like to know what’s driving you instead of just stunning photos, one after the other, so allow them in your life and tell a little more about yourself like you’re talking to a friend.

3: Your goals – Everyone knows that you are active on Instagram as you dream to make money from it one day, but what do you plan to do with that money, what are your real long-term goals? Tell them and your semi-fans might turn into hardcore fans.

4: Feel free to share – You don’t always have to post about yourself, it shows strength when you also share other peoples posts, don’t be selfish as that would only hurt you in the long term.

5: Ask, ask, ask – Engage people with your posts, and instead of the post is about what you do, ask them about what they are doing in their lives. Everyone loves some attention, don’t you?

6: Feature a customer – This is probably one of the last things on your mind but the person that gets featured will love it, and your other fans hope they will be featured next.

7: Share a tutorial –  It’s very dependent on the niche you are in but if you are a make-up artist people would love to learn how to do it themselves so why not give them a helping hand with a mini-course for example?

8: Inspire your audience – Everyone thinks memes are dead but are they? Sure if you post some lame meme that everyone shares but everyone loves a feel-good quote that inspires them to provide that.

9: Tell them about your blog – Some people love to read, others don’t, but you should have a blog nonetheless and a good number of followers would love to read more from you.

See, it’s not needed to use an Instagram automation tool to expand your follower base. There are so many natural ways to grow your audience without having to worry about getting your account banned. In our next post, we will share even more tips with you to give your followers what they want.