How a Heart Rate Monitor Helps You Lose Weight


Did you know that your metabolism changes as you age? This seems like an obvious fact, but how many of us act shocked when we discover the proof in our thickened waistlines, bellies, and fluffy appearance?

While this is a natural occurrence, the truth is that as we age we get more comfortable in our bodies. The rise in pounds and fat percentage is so gradual that we actually make excuses for the changes until one day we look in the mirror and don’t recognize ourselves.

In my case, staying thin has always been relatively easy. I’ve never had to watch what I eat or had to exercise much. However, when my metabolism slowed down without me noticing, I was still eating the way I did before.

You can guess the result, I’m sure.

My clothes started to fit uncomfortably. I was still in the denial stage, so I blamed it on my washer and dryer shrinking my clothes.

When my belly started getting soft and growing a pouch, I figured I was just bloated.

I was so exhausted, I didn’t get enough sleep, and I was stressed from working a job I hated.

You see, I made all these excuses for myself until I realized how unhappy I was with my own body. I had to accept that something had definitely changed, and I needed to make changes.

I decided to get rid of all the junk in our home. I have no willpower when it comes to sweets, so it was best that I minimized the temptation.

The second thing I did was commit to an exercise program. I didn’t have any idea what my end goal was, but I knew that I just wanted to feel and look better. Isn’t that what we all want?

The program I started introduced me to many new exercises and products. Based on the instructor’s recommendations, I bought them all. I viewed it as an investment in my health.

One of the items I bought was a heart rate monitor. I didn’t know that there was an optimum range that I needed to reach in order to burn fat. Plus, if I surpassed that range, I’d be at an unsafe level.

Fortunately, the heart rate monitor I found was easy to read. I quickly learned what being “in the zone” meant, so I was able to respond quickly if my heart rate dropped or if I was in danger of extending myself.

If you’re looking for a monitor that you can wear on your wrist like a watch, try this one.

Now that I had my equipment, I needed to do the work. I made a deal with myself: if I was consistent in my exercising for ninety days, I’d treat myself to something special.

I won’t lie. The first few weeks were killer. I was sore every day, and there were days when I contemplated giving up altogether.

Changing my eating habits was difficult as well, but I just told myself that it would all be worth it.

Just before I almost gave up, around week three, I began noticing changes. Now these were small things, but I felt excited. This propelled me to keep going.

By the midway point, my clothes started feeling looser, so I knew I was on the right track. Furthermore, my family and friends began complimenting me on my glowing skin, increased energy, and how slim I was starting to look.

When the ninety days were done, I talked myself into another ninety days.

Why? Results don’t lie.

By this time, I had developed the habit of exercising. Here’s the shocker: I actually started liking this habit. My body was getting stronger, and I liked that about myself.

Mostly, I started feeling so wonderful that the thought of going back to the old me was intolerable. I imagined the rest of my life and asked myself which body I preferred to have, and without a doubt it was the healthier body.

This realization helped clarify my fitness goals. Whereas before I didn’t know what I wanted to do, now I was determined to get as strong as possible.

If you’ve always wanted to change your body, I encourage you to change your lifestyle and develop that habits that will keep you healthy. Yes, it’s tough, but you’re worth it.