House Warm & Cosy for the Winter

When selecting a thermostat there is a lot to consider. With so many different types available, from wireless, to intelligent Wi-Fi models. It is understandable that you could get completely lost! I came across a website called the thermostat center, it has lots of interesting information on all the types I have mentioned.

You really do not need to be a brain surgeon to understand most models. The Honeywell 7 Day Wi-Fi Thermostat Is a great choice If you want something that offers plenty of functions but is very simple to use.

Homeowners can monitor and control theirhome’s comfort settings from anywhere at anytime.

Features – Honeywell 7 Day Wi-Fi Thermostat

It has all the modern Wi-Fi connectivity so you can set the temperature remotely which is a brilliant function if you are away on holiday or if you are staying out for an evening and forget to turn the heating off, no more unneeded bills!

It has a seven-day programmer allowing you to set the days and time in which you want the heating to come on. Obviously you can set different days to come on at different times, especially useful for the weekends. You can set up to four different time periods for each day.

The system will email when the temperature is above or below a user-defined threshold for a user-defined duration, basically if the temperature is wrong you are warned! After the warning email you can check and set your house temperature remotely and the remote service informs you when it can’t contact the thermostat, which can indicate a power outage or other problem.

The Honeywell 7 Day Wi-Fi Thermostat learns your heating system’s capabilities and starts warming up the house to achieve target temperature at the target time which is great on a cold winters evening, the house is warm when you walk through the door or nice and cosy when you wake in the morning!


  • Seven-day programme including 4 different time periods on each given day
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to remotely set times and temperatures
  • Free mobile application to make Wi-Fi usage simple and convenient
  • Hard wired into electric
  • Smart response will inform the user of exactly the time period it will take to reach the target temperature
  • Compatible with heat pump, gas, oil, electric and forced air
  • LED back lit display

The Good & Bad


This particular thermostat is very simple to operate. It has been designed as an entry level model that requires very little to use all functions available. It is perfect for most households that want a simple heating pattern, if you want to set several time zones each day, a higher spec model would be better for you. It is very cheap yet still offers the user plenty of options. The Wi-Fi functions and application are very quick and simple to master.


You would need to check that the wiring you have for the existing thermostat is compatible with the Honeywell 7 Day Wi-Fi Thermostat, people have reported a few problems surrounding this area. The remote monitoring site requires you to enter your mailing address and some people may find this intrusive but it is definitely worth it to make the most of the Wi-Fi applications.

Final Thoughts:

I have to say that although this one of the cheaper thermostats available, it serves the purpose perfectly.

It is easy to understand and the Wi-Fi option is brilliantly simple. The Honeywell 7 Day Wi-Fi Thermostat has all of the features you would need to effectively control the heating within a household either while you are in the property or out and about. Not the most technologically advanced model but sometimes simple is better in my opinion!