Health Issues in Dogs – Make Sure You’re on Time

If you are like me you love your dog and want to take care of it in the best way possible. To do that you need to be aware of health issues, it’s hard for a dog to speak up so you’re completely in charge here and need to do regular medical checkups and have the ability yourself to see what is wrong. In case you have no dog (yet) here are some tips that will prepare you.

Issues with their skin

This is one of the easiest ones to recognize of course. Maybe, in the beginning, you won’t see it right away but what you can’t see you can feel. I assume you pet your dog on a regular base, if not daily or multiple times a day so you know what a healthy skin feels like. If it feels different take a closer look and see if you can identify the problem.

If not it might be worth it to do some Googling and as a first or last resort, you can always take your dog to the veterinarian. The reason I say first or last effort is because there is a ton of information available on the internet and all you might need is a bottle of special shampoo for dogs that can fix the issues, that prevents you paying a large unnecessary bill at the vet as they don’t come cheap.

Urinary tract issues

If your dog is taking an awful lot of time to pee there might be something wrong with his blatter. The same applies to the frequency, now when you take your dog out you know they pee at all kind of places to mark their territory but if your dog all of a sudden starts to pee in your living room then you know something is wrong and the vet should be the first you are going to visit. No self-help from Google for the more serious issues, please.

Frequent diarrhea

We all deal with diarrhea on a quite regular base if we go out eating or try something new, especially if you move to another country you might end up with a mild version of food poisoning before you know it. The same applies to a dog, maybe it ate some rotten fish while you weren’t looking or some berries that are toxic so if this problem lasts more than a day it’s time to visit the veterinarian to pinpoint the problem.

Dental disease

Dogs don’t live very long so the chance of decay and such is a lot less, and if all is wrong they don’t consume sugar either so dental issues are quite rare in dogs, however, what can happen is that they eat some chicken with bones included and a piece of a bone might get stuck in their gum or they might eat something from the ground that includes a small stone and one of their teeth gets broken. In that case, you do need to see a vet so to prevent this you can open their mouth and see if everything looks as it should. Just do this once a week and your dog will be fine.

Ear infections

Really not so difficult to recognize, if your dog is scratching his ear more than usual it might be time to have their ears sucked clean so that they can hear you again. Another sign is when your dog goes out running and you call its name and it doesn’t respond. Maybe it’s too busy enjoying itself or maybe it has an ear infection.

Some final words

Well, that pretty much covers all the less known problems so you are well prepared to take care of your dog, one obvious thing we haven’t discussed and that is obesity in dogs but it won’t be hard to notice and it’s not truly a disease but do look out for it as healthy is different.