Guidelines on How to Make a Unique Fantasy Portrait

A fantasy portrait is produced from your original photo to make an image that is full of life and compelling.  Creating a painting from an original picture is a challenge, but if you are working with an expert, you get portraits that match your expectations.  A fantasy portrait artist brings all your dreams into reality, and you should always ensure that you are working with a motivated and experienced artist.

A fantasy portrait should capture all your energy and essence.  The person doing the portrait for you should be passionate about the art to deliver a high-quality product.  A significant number of individuals get pictures that communicate very touching information and some even cry when the artist has provided the artwork.  This artwork should reflect your personality in the best way possible

A fantasy portrait can be given to your children as a gift for their birthdays especially during their teenage years.  You can send the artist a photo of your teenage son or daughter when they were young, and the artist makes the fantasy portrait from the picture capturing the child’s traits that are positive. Such traits are brevity and creativity, and such a picture helps your child to reconnect to his her former personality. The re-connection can define the child’s life especially in teenage years, and the child can develop to become an important member of the society. A fantasy portrait has a lot impact if made by an artist who has the right expertise.

A significant number of people have always wanted to learn how to make fantasy portraits. Making a great fantasy painting can give you a great feeling as an artist. The feeling can even be more awesome if you were making the portrait for a client and after receiving the picture they express gratitude, it can be inspiring. Making an excellent picture requires you to be patient and learn the skills, and gradually you will make excellent portraits that impress your clients.  When making pictures ensure that your character is outstanding, the final product should be full of life and intuitive.  Below are guidelines that can help you to make a fantasy portrait that will stand out.

Begin with a Sketch

A sketch should be the first thing to bring the idea to reality.  It can be as simple as a pencil drawing, but it will guide you as an artist to know what to express on the portrait and how to do your work with confidence to deliver an authentic and real painting.  You can use Photoshop to rework a little more on the sketch, but this is not mandatory. If you do not use Photoshop, you will have the freedom of choosing the colors to use from a wide range of colors.

Ensure that you have the right proportions of the head and face

Before beginning your artistic work put in mind the varying proportions that human faces have.  To make a portrait that is instinctual easily, you can draw a basic oval shape and gradually put the facial features to ensure that the final character’s face is real.

Use a Harmonious color Scheme

Most fantasy portraits artists get a challenge while painting the skin color. Avoid choosing color black and beige because the final image will look vague.  A perfect picture should have varying colors when painting the skin.  You can choose pale blue for areas around the eyes, and for mouth edges, pink and slight hints of yellow can help you to get a portrait that pleases your clients.  Do not begin your painting work with many colors to avoid a picture that looks indecent.

Have a Dynamic position

The character on the portrait should be in a position that allows flexibility when painting.  Avoid postures that look dull especially a straight position.  For an authentic painting, the character should either be at the corner or the center.  Having a free up space also adds elegance to your portrait. You can also try to tilt the character’s head to make the picture visually compelling, and this technique also makes the painting to look lively.

Ensure there is Eye Contact

Having the character’s eyes looking directly at the viewer is the surest way to get the attention from the audience.  Your audience will be amazed if he/she can connect with the character, and if you want the portrait to have some mystery aspects, you can develop a glance that is not completely direct with the viewer.

With these guidelines, you will become an excellent fantasy portraits artist.