Gold’s Gym System Home Gym Review

Everyone knows that going to the gym can be a pretty daunting experience all round if you are unsure of what to do. Nobody wants to be the guy that tries to do press ups on the leg machines or tricep dips on the pull up bar and be ridiculed by the more musclebound individuals who inhabit the gym. Thankfully help is at hand and you can now easily work out at home with your own personal gym system. Never again will you have to worry about doing the wrong thing, and today we will be taking a look at the Gold’s Gym System to see if it will suit your needs!

What are the features?

As you would expect from something which calls itself a home gym system, there are lot of different features for you to get stuck into. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to bulk up or simply tone, the 125lb weight stack will be enough to satisfy your work out needs. There is a combination chest press/fly station, a 4 foam leg developer, upper and lower pulley, and a padded and adjustable seat so you will always be comfortable no matter what you are working out. Gold’s have also included some workout accessories here, with a lat bar, strap with handle, a preacher pad and a row plate all thrown in to the mix. Basically you won’t be going wanting with any of the features here.

What will it help me to work out?

This machine will help you to work out pretty much every part of your body. The leg developer is perfect to tone your calves and thighs, the pulley can be used in a variety of ways including for your back, arms, and both side and front abs and the combined chest press and fly pads are perfect for strengthening your chest and pectoral muscles. Your arms may be the only things that suffer slightly with this machine, but that can be rectified with a set of dumbbells! 

What are the positives?

This machine can offer you a full body work out without having to ever leave your home. It includes an awful lot of equipment for a more basic model of home gym, and it is also small enough to easily fit into a spare room.

What are the negatives?

The only thing that will prevent the Gold’s from being christened the best home gym is the issues it has with shipping. It comes in three boxes rather than the one that you would expect it to, and as you can imagine this can lead to problems with parts. Customers have noted that there were missing parts when their gyms were delivered, so this is something to keep an eye on should you order one!

So, sum it all up.

All things considered this is a pretty good home gym. It means you don’t have to go out in the cold, can work out at your own pace and most importantly don’t have to pay each month for a gym membership! It could be a very solid investment if you are serious about getting in shape, and Gold’s have done a very good job!