EuroPrep EP700 7-Quart 6 Speed Stand Mixer Review

If there is one thing that Europeans revere more than innovative and thought-provoking design, it’s the art of food. Preparing and enjoying a good meal is paramount to the accomplished gourmand and thus, EuroPrep is the company that caters to those who are qualified to recognize the finer aspects that lie within these delights. That’s where the EP700 comes in, presenting a delicate balance of form and function for the discerning consumer who can appreciate the quality and engineering that went into this 6 speed stand mixer. It features a stainless steel bowl with integrated splash guard, planetary mix action with 650 watt motor and thermal protection features to protect it from overheating. EuroPrep has also given it a SmoothStart system to minimize the splash back that comes with some mixers upon start up. Basically, they thought of everything on the EP700 and it’s one of the units we like a lot here at StandMixerDiscount.

Keep it Clean

EuroPrep has designed the EP700 to be a smooth operator. They’ve given it a robust 650 watts of power in a motor that has six speeds and eliminates motor to bowl power loss. The additional thermal protection ensure that the motor won’t overheat and the company’s unique SmoothSmart system brings the mixers to full speed gradually instead of spinning them at peak power from the very start. This minimizes splash back and the integrated splash guard on the bowl is ready to prevent any ingredients from escaping as the mixer does its work.

Keep it Constructive

The EP700 does just that with the amount of accessories and features that are part of the package. Consider the 7-quart stainless steel bowl boasting some of the largest capacity you’ll find in a home stand mixer and able to make extra large batches of cookies or mashed potatoes, the collection of no-stick finish attachments including a flat beater, a balloon whisk tailor made for those whipped delights like meringues and fluffy frostings and creams, and the dough hook that keeps your doughs and batters in the bowl and not stuck to the hook itself.

Keep it Convenient

This unit is all about making things user-friendly. Getting to and from the bowl is a cinch not just with the easy design of the bowl itself but the head of the EP700 tilts back for simple access to your ingredients before and after mixing. Change attachments, add ingredients, and remove the bowl effortlessly with a simple tilt of the power hub.

Summing Up

The EP700 does it all and does it quietly. This is a low noise machine that won’t make a mess either. The sleek silver and black aesthetic makes it suitable to fit with just about any kitchen décor and with measurements of 18.7 x 15.8 x 13.1 inches you can rest assured knowing that it’s a formidable unit that is ready to work when you are. There are a couple of drawbacks, mainly with the attachments. They are exclusive to the machine and EuroPrep doesn’t offer any additional accessories so what you get in this package is the extent of it. It lacks some versatility in this department.