Brother LS2125i Sewing Machine Review

If you’ve ever been through the process of stitching, you already know about the company called “Brother”. They produce some of the best sewing machines I’ve ever gotten my hands on, as I’ve been looking through my fair share of Brother sewing machine reviews. The features in this Brother LS2125i sewing machine are great, and this review will alert you to them.

Getting Into Sewing

Sewing machines get a lot of gripe because they can be a little harder to use than most, but that’s no reason to feel like you should avoid them altogether. I’ve been sewing for around two years now, and even though I’m not an expert, I still enjoy the experience.

Features of the Sewing Machine

This is a full-sized sewing machine that’s also light in weight, which means you can take it around with you as you please. It’s the best machine around if you’re looking to constantly make alterations to your clothes. There are 10 built in stitches and there’s also a blind hem added into this machine – there is even zigzag and stretch stitches. The automatic 4-step buttonhole feature means you can create buttonholes on a customized basis. Your buttons will never fit improperly ever again! You can use it with a free arm or flat bed, and there’s a carrying handled equipped alongside everything else. The built-in storage is as useful as they come, and there’s also 3 presser feet. If you’re not an expert on sewing machines, there’s a multilingual manual that comes with every single purchase.

The Pro’s & Con’s


This is a sewing machine that doesn’t hold many cons, as Brother is a sewing machine brand that’s well known, no matter where you happen to live. The only real complain i could have about this particular sewing machine would be the fact that newbies might not be able to get the machine started properly. Some people complained of not being able to start it up “slowly”, which just takes a little skill.


What isn’t there to think of when it comes to pro’s? There’s a customizable buttonhole feature, carrying handle and almost every other accessory you could want to be associated with your sewing machine. Brother did a great job with this one, and they’ll probably continue to follow this trend.

Would You Recommend It to Me?

You’re a person and can make decisions for yourself, but if I had to make a recommendation, I would definitely recommend this product to you. I use sewing machines as much as I can, and I want the experience to be a good one – Brother helped me achieve that. Without the right sewing machine, you’ll definitely find sewing a harder task than it should be.