Black & Decker TO3250XSB 8-Slice Extra Wide Toaster Oven Review

Black & Decker has produced thousands of household appliances that have gone above and beyond the regular needs of the average household. Each one of their devices has been looked upon as a cheap but quality appliance. When it comes to the convection ovens Black & Decker has created the TO3250XSB unit that comes extra wide for additional cooking benefits. This toaster oven unit is ideal for those with larger families, or bigger appetites to feed.

Functions and Features

The TO3250XSB unit can fit a regular nine by thirteen pan and a twelve inch pizza. There are three positions for the rack to help improve the flexibility of what you can cook. The four easy to use functions include keep warm, broil, bake, and toast. There is a tray located at the bottom to help catch any stray crumbs and it is fairly easy to clean after each use. There is a red light that comes on at the very top that is large enough to see from anywhere in the room. The three knobs control the timer, toast timer, and the temperature that the oven is to be set on.

The Strengths of the TO3250XSB

The space of this unit should be mentioned as being rather large and able to handle meals for six or more people. However, that can also be a con when viewing the amount of counter space that will be taken. The unit heats up quickly allowing for quicker meals to be prepared. There is no longer a waiting period of two to three hours before the meal is ready to serve. Some people find that the ease of use is great even without reading the manual. The knobs are decently large for easy grasp and the ability to adjust smoothly. Cleaning the TP3250XSB is extremely easy, reports one consumer, due to the tray that collects crumbs and the ease of wiping out the interior. This definitely puts it in the running for the best toaster in 2016.

The Weaknesses of the TO3250XSB

The amount of space that it takes up is fairly large and unappealing for many of the consumers who have reported on owning one. The controls can become confusing for first time users and the manual does not seem to explain properly, but with a little trial and error it can be mastered. One of the downfalls that has been noticed about the accessories is that it only has a tray to place at the bottom to help catch the falling foods, or crumbs. Many consumers prefer more racks or the ability to use the bottom tray for dual purposes.

In Conclusion

The TO3250XSB is a great option for anyone looking for a large convection oven to handle pizzas and roasts. Although it might not be big enough to handle a larger sized roast, it can cook a small meal for up to four people, sometimes more depending on what type of meal is used. This toaster oven is specifically designed to be extra wide to accommodate the multitude of dishes that can be cooked in it at no cost to the deliciousness of taste.