Black & Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Juicer Review

Black & Decker probably isn’t a brand that you would associate with juicers, besides, you’re probably already looking at the perfect juicer for yourself. If that isn’t the case, this is a review for you to look at and determine whether or not you want to make use of this juicer. It doesn’t matter how needy you happen to be when it comes to juicers, all that matters is that you take the time out of your day to find the proper one. I’ve done all of the hard work for you, so there’s no reason for you to even think about trying to find a different juicer for your kitchen. There are plenty of pages like House of Juicers ( that can help you out with the research process.

What Are the Features?

The features are awesome, and they include many different things. The logo that you’re actually receiving on this juicer isn’t always going to be the exact same, as there are different logos for when the juicer had been manufactured. You might get some sort of special edition juicer, who knows! 400 watts of raw power are included within the juicer, and the stainless steel cutter makes it so that you’ll never have to worry about rust (or stains, obviously). The large pulp container means that there’s going to be a little more room to work with on your counter, and it also means that pulp will be taken care of accordingly. There’s a custom juice cup to make any measuring processes you have to go through as easy as pie, and every single thing that makes up this juicer can be washed through the use of a dish washer.

Is It Really Worth It?

I would say so, even though Black & Decker is one of the more high-quality brands around, the price is something to take into account. It’s a very cheap variety of juicer, and although you wouldn’t usually see a cheap variety getting great reviews, this isn’t terrible.


The price is right, as you won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to have a juicer of your own. There’s a stainless steel cutter to keep everything spotless, and if that isn’t enough to sell you on this product, the custom juice cup will do the trick. 400 watts of power is another amazing trait included within this juicer, too.


Although it’s cheap, it’s relatively tiny. You want a juicer that’s going to take care of a decent amount of fruits and veggies, but this wouldn’t be the one for that sort of thing. It’s great for small juicing jobs, but that’s about it.

What’s Your Verdict?

I like the juicer, but it doesn’t pack enough of a punch for me; not in power, but in size. That’s just a personal opinion, and it still got me into the mood of wanting to juice consistently.  Your juicer is going to change the way you think of nutrition.