Best Wheelbarrows & Garden Carts To Consider

The garden cart and wheel barrow are indispensable tools in the garden as there has always been something to haul from one spot in the garden to another, ranging from weeds, seeds, composts, cements, flowers, twigs and son on. So without the garden carts or wheelbarrow, most of these chores in the garden will be quite difficult to achieve.

But the question to answer is: which is best between the garden cart and the wheelbarrow?

How To Choose the Right Garden Cart or Wheelbarrow

When choosing these items, have it in mind that they will be needed to carry heavy loads on your garden from one place to another, so you will need to consider the level of work on your garden before deciding on which one to go for.

A cart has flat bottom with straight sides and 2 or more wheels. They are more stable than the wheelbarrow and function better over a smooth surface.

The wheelbarrow on the other hand has a sloped tray and can be made with either 1 or 2 wheels. It can be easily maneuvered. Though to move it from one spot to another, it has to be pushed from behind.

Though it is more convenient to use the cart, but just to have to do the task in the garden, the wheelbarrow can be utilized if that is what is obtainable.

How to Choose The Best Wheelbarrow

  1. Material: You will need to decide on whether to go for the plastic or steel type. The plastic wheelbarrows are less expensive and very much lighter than the steel, they don’t easily get rust. The steel types are more expensive and easily get rust from weather activities.
  2. Capacity: If you activity in the garden is minimal, you can simply go for a smaller wheelbarrow. But a multi-purpose type will be about 6 cubic feet and this can be used to run any activity in the garden.
  3. Tires: If you desire to have easier push across the farm or garden, it is best to go for the air-filled tires. But in a rough terrain, you can go for solid tires.

How To choose The Best Garden Cart

  1. Flatbed: A flatbed cart designed without any side will be more convenient to haul indefinite shaped items in the garden.
  2. Dump Cart: A dump cart will be good for hauling cleared grass, fertilizer, firewood, or soil that needs to be moved from a spot to another. The pulley effect will save you from dealing with a severe back strains.

What Makes a Quality Wheelbarrow and Cart

  • The handle
  • The tray
  • The wheels
  • The frame

When making a selection for the best cart or wheelbarrow, there are 4 important factors that should be put into consideration.