8 Tips to Start a Successful YouTube Business

If you’re looking for an innovative business you can do mostly on your own terms, YouTube is where it’s at. Though the company has been around for a while, it continues evolving. YouTube is still the leading online video platform. The website continues growing everyday as those with all types of content to share keep signing up. In fact, at least 300 hours of video gets uploaded every hour.

Don’t let the competition discourage you, though. There are plenty of people on the platform tuning in to see all the footage, new and old. Total daily views on YouTube total around 5 billion per day. There’s room for you too if you’re willing to learn and stay committed. If you want to become one of the rising stars or even just make some extra cash, here’s where to start.

Start with a Plan

Many YouTubers just decide on a whim to start recording one day, but you don’t want to use this approach. It works for some, but it’s unlikely that it’ll work well in the long run. You know you want to make a profit from your videos and possibly turn this into a long-term business. If you’ve decided that much, you’re ahead of the game already.

With knowing your goal, you should put plans down on paper of how to achieve it. Some write a vlog plan, some write a list of goals and desire, but business owners write business plans. Decide where you fall in these categories and write your plans accordingly. You need to include the purpose of your video publishing business, marketing strategies, monthly and yearly financials, and milestones and metrics to meet each quarter.

Decide What Types of Videos You’ll Share

This is something you’ll want to have in mind before or during the planning phase. You don’t want to go on YouTube and just randomly vlog with no niche in mind. Even if your topic range is broad, like lifestyle, you still want to have categories to pull from and plan content each week. Having a main niche or a few relating ones will help you in many ways.

Once you start publishing content, your followers will look forward to seeing videos with those similar topics or layout. You’ll become the go to person when they’re looking for advice in your area of expertise. Narrowing your topic will also help you choose the best category for videos on YouTube.

Choose a topic you’re knowledgeable of and interested in. That way you’ll do well with making your videos. If you hate the topic or don’t know what you’re talking about, you won’t be successful. Choosing a hobby to build on works out better because you’ll enjoy making videos and your audience will be informed and entertained.

Purchase Some Good Equipment

Some people start off making videos on their phone, but you should get a few steps ahead. If you’re serious about making money from your business, make sure your videos are high quality. No one wants to see another fuzzy, blurry video on YouTube.  Invest in some good equipment to make sure your audience keeps coming back.

If you’re on a budget when just starting your YouTube business, you should at least get a camera and good budget mic. Great visual and sound quality is the most important part of a top-quality video. Everything else, like fancy editing software, lights, and camera attachments can wait until you’re making money.

YouTube Video Making Tips

Now that the planning phase is done, it’s time to get down to business. First, you should know a few things about how to make a great video. Use these strategies to make great products and continue growing your audience.

Don’t Be Boring or Stiff

You don’t have to be a comedian to make great YouTube videos. However, your audience will want to find your content useful in some way. They want to be entertained, learn something new, or be moved and drawn in from compelling footage. Whatever method you choose to get their attention, be natural. Relax and talk to them as if you’re talking to your best friend. Have fun with the video, so your audience will enjoy it too.

Engage with Your Audience

Don’t make the costly mistake of ignoring your audience once you start gaining them. When they comment, try to schedule some time to reply. Make them feel like they’re a part of your circle. You can learn more about your audience and the content you should publish by reading the comments and questions. Always remember, the same audience that supports you can move on to someone else if you don’t treat them well.

End Each Video with a Call-to-Action

Even though it’s such a small part of the video, your closer is one of the most important pieces. It’s your money maker. Still even some of the pros forget about it. Once you’ve captivated your audience with killer content, tell them what to do next. As a call-to-action, you can tell them to subscribe to your channel, like or comment on the video, share it with friends, or go to an external location (like a website to purchase a product). This is your moment to motivate action while you have their attention.

Learn the Basics of Editing

You don’t have to be a professional at editing or get things perfect at first. The more you grow your business, the more you’ll be in tune with your editing needs. You’ll even be able to hire an expert editor to whip your videos into perfect shape. In the beginning, you still need to know a few basic practices for video editing. Do some research, take a class, or watch some videos on YouTube to start learning how to edit.

Promote Your YouTube Videos Everywhere You Can Think Of

Promoting is another key action for a successful YouTube video business. You should be critical in writing your strategy in your business plan. Start by sharing the video with family and friend whom you know will help you and want you to be successful.

From there, promote the video on social media, forums, and anywhere else you can think of without spreading spam. Ask your audience to share the videos too. You can even start a website with content devoted to sharing your videos in each post. Be creative in your marketing strategy and promoting your videos.

Making money from a YouTube business doesn’t stop there. You can get more business opportunities that stem from your videos. Once you start gaining exposure, other companies might contact you asking to work with you directly. Even with stiff competition it is possible to have a successful and profitable YouTube business if you stick to a plan, make good videos on topics in demand, and use innovative promotion techniques.