7 Reasons to Steam Clean Your Carpets Regularly

You probably vacuum your carpet daily, but how often do you clean it? A lot of people do not think about cleaning their carpets until it’s too late. Unfortunately, carpets accumulate dirt over time due to foot traffic and environmental factors.

If you run a business, the safety and well- being of your employees is a priority. At home, you also want to ensure everyone is healthy and not suffering from recurrent allergies. This is why steam cleaning your carpets regularly is essential. Unlike conventional carpet cleaning methods that require chemical cleaners, steam cleaning is healthier, simpler and over time, you get to save up on costs.

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If you are still not sure of whether or not to steam clean your carpets, here are some reasons to convince you.

Chemical and Toxic Free Cleaning

Traditional carpet cleaners like carpet shampooers require you to use chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate on the carpet. This products are toxic and when released into the environment, they can lead to allergies especially if you have children and pets. Steam carpet cleaners use steam vapors to break the dirt and require no chemicals. You get to maintain the quality of air in your home even after cleaning your carpet.

Get Rid of Bacteria and Mold

High traffic areas in your home or office experience spills, collect food particles and accumulate dirt that you may not even be aware of. Steam cleaning your carpets combines the tiny hot vapor molecules in the fibers, when the fibers expand, this pushes the dirt to the surface. A steam cleaner is able to extract the grime and dirt, leaving your carpets free from germs and bacteria which may cause viruses, skin irritations and allergies. Other carpet cleaning techniques only clean the surface of the carpet and miss mold and fungi which live inside the carpet.

Extended Carpet Lifespan

Harsh chemicals shorten the lifespan of your carpets, making them less durable. With steam cleaning, you don’t have to worry about your carpet getting damaged. Carpets are a huge investment, you don’t want to replace your carpet every now and then. If you would love to take care of your carpets and have them for a long while, you’ll need to avoid getting them stained and steam clean them once or twice a year. You’ll be surprised at the radiance a hot water extraction clean will put back in to your carpet.

Good air quality

If you suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues, you understand the importance of getting good air quality.  To make the environment friendlier, you need to reduce dust mites as they are the major trigger for allergies, breathing issues and irritations. Dust mites feed on literally anything like pillows, beds, couches and human skin flakes. Steam cleaning your carpets is able to reduce dust mite populations. Over time, you’ll be able to live in a mite free environment.

A whole new level of clean

While you will still need to clean, the results after using a steam cleaner are far beyond what you get when you use a traditional carpet cleaner. Steam deodorizes and sanitizes with moisture and heat, ensuring that all debris is removed quickly and thoroughly. This not only makes your work easier, it also leaves your carpet chemical free clean. After steam cleaning your carpets, you’ll be tempted to clean any other carpet you may have lying around.

Cost saving

When you choose a steam cleaner, you no longer have to decide on a pine or lemon scent again. Moreover, you will never need a tile blaster, floor polisher, glass sparkler or even an oven cleaner. Having a steam cleaner means you only get to use one equipment to clean and sanitize. You now have extra money and more space.

A friendly pet space

Owning a pet doesn’t mean that your house has to smell like one. Using a steam cleaner helps to eliminate any pet hairs as well as sanitize aquariums or birdcages. The high temperature kills fleas without the need for harsh chemicals.

If you are looking to live a healthier life and prolong the lifespan of your carpets, steam cleaning is the way to go. You not only get to cut down your cleaning costs, you also get to enjoy a dust free environment.