6 Expert Tips for Drumming Success

Drumming success does not just come like that; you have to work towards it. Today we look at the training process to make you a super drummer.

1.    Know What You Want

This allows you to come up with priorities as a drummer so that you can go ahead and spend more time on tasks that bring more value to help you get to your goals faster than ever. For instance, if you dream of playing drums in a rock band, then you do not have to spend a lot of your time practising for jazz fill-ins – you might end up in the wrong band!

One of the best forms of teaching is YouTube, which has many videos that help you know what to do when faced with a drum kit. However, this does not beat the experience that comes with working with a drumming teacher.

If you already know what you want from the drumming, then you can move on to step two.

2.    Document It

Many people think that documentation of your goals and aspirations is for businesses alone – wrong. You need to document your goals so that you do not lose sight of them.

Putting everything in written makes it easy to look forward to achieving the milestones that you set. It also gives you the self-discipline that you need to move ahead. You will not let your mind wander off at any time, focusing on other things that are happening in your life.

Do not be afraid to write down the crazy dreams that come up time and again – they represent your goals and not any other person’s. It is also great when you look back at the goals and appreciate how you achieved them.

Once you have these written down, you need to make the goals start dictating your life.

3.    Have Deadlines

You need to have deadlines for your goals. This will create a sense of positive pressure and urgency. Without a deadline on each goal, you might end up forgetting the little things and damaging the short-term goals

For instance, if you set a goal to learn a particular technique, come up with timescales and then keep your mindset towards the deadlines. This encourages you to go all out to complete the task. You set your actions on what you want and go for it.

4.    Have a Checklist

Once you have a list, you can look for a way to place the ones that are more important to the goals and those that are not.

You might come up with a list of hundreds of tasks, but this does not mean that you must handle all of them at the same time. What you need to do is to make sure you cut out the items that you see will not help you grow, and allocate that time to tasks that are more vital.

For drumming, you can come up with a list of lessons you need to handle so that you achieve your goals. For instance, you need to have a list of tasks that you must achieve to be able to play in the band.

5.    Turn the List into a Plan

You need to organize the list into a sequence that you will follow. Doing this makes the plan effective, and you get to organize your mind without even realizing it.

Once you have a plan, then you can follow the sequence and make sure you achieve the goals.

6.    Implement the Plan

Once you have the plan, you need to put it into action.

The first step is to get the right tools and equipment. Make sure you have a place to drum away without getting a visit from the landlord or being confronted with angry tenants. This can be a room in the house or the garage. However, set it up so that you can drum away without any disruptions or disturbances.

Once you have the location, you need to have a drum kit that you need. Get one from a reliable dealer such as Drumkit Digital.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you have the right game plan when it comes to becoming the perfect drummer. Take time to create a perfect plan and stick to it so that you can achieve your goals.